Friday, August 19, 2011

White Linen: The Beauty of Simplicity

I made these three simple white linen flowers for a bride to give to her three bridesmaids.
The wedding will take place on a beach in Jamaica.

I love the simplicity of these flowers for a beach wedding. I can just imagine them clipped in a loosely made chignon.

images un & deux by à la parisienne

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flower Girl Cone à la Dior

Want a sophisticated and romantic color palette for a wedding with a twist of Dior haute couture? How about champagne, nude with a hint of blush, and black?

It's soft and ethereal with a touch of class.

I was commissioned by an Etsy customer to create this sweet custom flower girl "basket." This is the third custom project for this glamorous bride-to-be preceeded by six fabric flower pins for the wedding cake and a custom ring pillow~ all made with the same decadent fabrics. Initially, I had not planned to line the cone, but upon speaking with my mom regarding the design plans, I learned that lining a cone is much easier than not lining it.
This soft brushed satin lining, in my opinion, really makes this petite cone so rich and feminine.
I can just imagine a sweet little flowergirl's hand carrying this flower {basket} as she is escorted by a cute ring bearer holding the matching pillow. If only I could catch a glimpse of those two walking down the aisle!

images by à la parisienne
A little sidenote to my new weddings à la parisienne followers:
I don't plan to double feature the same subjects between my main blog and this blog. I had already shared the ring pillow everyone on the main blog and wanted to share the cone as well. This blog is intended to share different content than my main blog, so no need to worry.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Prim and Proper-Frothy, Ruffled Bridal Hair Clips

This is my newest addition to my heirloom chiffon rose collection-

an off-white ruffled chiffon hair clip perfect for a romantic wedding {or any day.}
Clip it above your simple chignon for added elegance.

an off-white and nude chiffon duet

I love the result when these two flowers are paired together~They look lovely with a vintage pearl necklace.

Flowers available in my Etsy.

images by à la parisienne